Corporate films to E-learning Courses we undertake all the Voice Overs with selective in-house VO Artists to free-lance talents who will be hired according to the Project and Budget, for Commercial ads, short films, Documentaries, Tele Shoppe Marketing ads we have specialized selected artists who will lend the voice depending upon the requirement. We have done voice-over recordings for Brands and also for corporate firms. Ranging from Management Courses, online training modules, technical guideline videos to small jingles.Yaaron studio has all kinds of voice-over recordings.


The podcast is an episodic series of digital spoken audio files that users can easily download to individual devices. Broadcast applications and podcasting services provide an easy and integrated way to manage online applications across multiple podcast sessions and playback solutions. A podcast series typically shows one or more players in a conversation about a particular topic or current event.

Podcasts combine deep and professional development with challenges from scientific research to short-term historical life. Many podcast series offer an integrated website with indexes, guest profiles, articles, other resources, comments, and even a forum to discuss content.


Musical composition has work of music in instrumental. The process of creating or writing a new lyrics of music. A new creation of composition is called Composing. Composers of primary songs are usually called songwriters with songs, the person writes lyrics for a song is the lyricist.In many forms like traditional music,classical music, song writing has basic creation for outline of songs. It sets out the melody, lyrics, and chord progression.we are one of the best music composing studio in hyderabad.


Audio dubbing replaces the first dialogue audio movie or TV show with another language.We can also do the dubbing for movies if the original audio of the movie is not used. In all these cases, the new audio file must be combined with other audio recordings so that it does not come out of the movie. The magic of recording dubbing allows us to see and shows created in other languages. Audio dubbing is common in international movies and TV shows as well as commercials. Audio dubbing is a great option for those who don’t want to read the script of an entire movie or show.